Weber Swap Help Needed

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Weber Swap Help Needed

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Good Morning Everyone -
Just swapped out my stock carb for a Weber 32/36 on my 1989 Isuzu Pickup, 2WD, 2.3 liter motor. I haven’t done any mechanic work for a long time and miraculously enough, got everything back together and the truck runs. Hopefully someone out there has done the swap and can answer some questions:

1. I can’t seem to get the accelerator cable correct, there is almost zero pedal inside the truck.
2. I used the one vacuum port on the Weber for the vacuum advance, Iplugged almost everything else. Does anything else need a vacuum line/port?

3. My smog system seems to still work, I can feel the suction, but of course as the old air cleaner is gone, can I just remove the smog pump (for some reason, I think I was once informed that this was an A.I.R. Pump or system) and all that goes with it?

4. What about the charcoal canister - can it go or is it better not to mess with it?

P.S. I broke off one of the carb studs and had to also swap out the intake manifold that I luckily found online.
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