Via CNN: The 'bullet' airplane that could revolutionize business aviation

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Via CNN: The 'bullet' airplane that could revolutionize business aviation

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This appeared in my news feed...
The 'bullet' airplane that could revolutionize business aviation
I realize this is "promotional" language (optimistic, to be sure), but it sounds pretty interesting.
In numbers, that means operating costs that trounce those of similarly sized business planes. According to Otto Aviation, flying on the Celera will cost $328 an hour compared to $2,100, with a fuel economy of 18 to 25 miles per gallon -- similar to that of a large SUV -- compared to two to three miles per gallon.
All of that with enough space for six passengers, a speed of 460 miles-per-hour and
But way down in the article, I learned that the prototype is currently powered by a V12 DIESEL:
Because laminar flow makes the plane require less power, the Celera 500L is equipped with a single V12 diesel engine at the back, designed by German manufacturer RED. "It was the most efficient aircraft engine we could find, to match the most efficient aerodynamic body," says Otto.
In the near future, the diesel engine could be replaced with an electric or hydrogen one, to make the plane emissions-free. "For now, we've reduced carbon emissions by 80% over competitor aircraft; on a per passenger basis, we're better than the airlines meeting the 2030-2050 emissions requirements," Otto adds.
I'm familiar with the "laminar flow" concept, because I've always been a huge fan of the WWII North American P-51 fighter, and it pioneered the use of the laminar flow airfoil.

I doubt the diesel will stay, but it will be interesting to see where this goes.

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