engine change/ new engine don't start

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engine change/ new engine don't start

Postby moana69 » Sat Jun 16, 2018 7:45 pm

Hi I have a clicking in my engine so I bought an other engine and made the replacement. I'm going to rebuild the old engine but need my car. I have installed new engine, and did everything like said in the workshop manual for 4JA1 engine.
Injection pump mark is aligned with the mark on the cover, with the n1 piston at TDC and first mark on damper pulley aligned with the one on the engine.
Air bleeding done.Fuel is flowing from the injectors.
The engine won't start.
So we thought there might be something wrong with alignement marks and TDC.
So we did the same with piston 4 at TDC.
Engine starts for few minutes and stops.
But the workshop manual say that it's piston n1 at TDC!!
I don't want take any risk with the engine.

Any idea? Piston N1 is the one close to the radiator fan? There's 4 marks on the damper pulley, 1 and then 3, I used the very first one, good?
Thank you for helping.

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