Mechanic wanted: Bellingham Wa

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Mechanic wanted: Bellingham Wa

Postby Lord Les » Sun May 06, 2018 4:14 pm

I see there is a thread listing mechanics by state, but nobody is mentioned very close to me. I'm looking for a mechanic to track down some of the little things wrong: A lot of the lights on my dash are lit up, but then again they always have been. Voltage light is on though the voltage meter looks good, the temperature gauge doesn't ever read hot enough, and there are two sensors in the water temperature housing and only one of them is hooked up, the glow plug light came on yesterday, the brake dash light is always on. I don't trust the speedometer, and if I can afford it, I need the body, not the bed, sanded and a clear coat put on for maximum POS effect.

I just want someone to do some basic troubleshooting and take care of these, hopefully small, problems. I'm hoping to use the truck a lot more this summer, and I've only put maybe 500 hundred miles on it since I bought it about 5 years ago. But this summer I have new plans for fun and work so I want to try and get this thing solid before I get on the road.

I'm fine with leaving it somewhere while you work on it. I can pay via card or cash.
1983 diesel Pup w/ long bed and manual transmission (no AC) and ugly ugly paint