General Engine Issues Part II

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General Engine Issues Part II

Postby Skropeling » Sun Apr 08, 2018 1:08 pm

This site has already helped me solve my most severe issue which was discussed in General Engine Issues Part I, but there are still a few things wrong, and I think I caused them. Before I knew my CSD was messing with the engine, I thought it was my injectors, so I took them out, cleaned them, had them sent to Jerry Lemond for tuning, and reinstalled them. But I think that somewhere in the process, I screwed up. After reinstalling my "fixed" injectors, the truck was a bit slower, had less torque, feels like it's using more diesel, idles rougher, and feels like it has worse compression. Here's where I think I screwed up; I don't think I tightened the injectors to the head properly. I didn't have the proper wrench size (which is 30mm right?) and was forced to use a 1 1/4 wrench instead, which equates to about 32mm. To make up for the size difference, I put a quarter in the gap between the bolt and the wrench, which worked well until the wrench started to squish/ bend the quarter rather than apply its force to the bolt, so the injectors themselves could be loose. I'm ordering the correct wrench today so that will be my first and hopefully easiest fix. If not, Maybe I didn't tighten the nut that hold the nozzle to the body properly? I didn't know the torque specs, so I just guessed reasonably snug, which may be too loose, I'm not sure though. Is there anything else injector related that might be causing this that I didn't know of? Any help on this would be great, thanks.

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