BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak & Transmission Sealer Info

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BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak & Transmission Sealer Info

Postby dorf » Sun Oct 05, 2014 11:29 am

For what it is worth, my Diesel engine (200,000 miles plus) was leaking (who knows where) Front and rear seals were previously replaced-But leaks persisted. Probably from the other seals in the front of the engine.

All of a sudden the transmission rear seal started leaking.
So i had sort of a, drippy mess.

I contemplated replacing the seals again but in the interim I was put on to Blue Devil products by- mike71800b.
( Never heard of bluedevil previously)

I'm going to say i was impressed ! My leaks have diminished by about 95 % or so. So it is well worth a try.

I have contacted the company via phone and email, several times, they are quick to respond .

I asked if I need to re-add the bluedevil products at oil change , the company said NO. 1 time only !!!